Episode 118: Quietly Visible: How to Lead with Influence, Confidence and Impact as an Introverted Woman


It can feel like we live in a world that celebrates extroverted qualities.

And this can seem more so when you think about leadership: traditional leadership role models tend to be associated with extroverted qualities: Charisma, Assertiveness, Networking, Public Speaking.

The journey for introverted people in leadership can be more challenging as there’s an unfavourable bias towards extroversion in the workplace.

Layer in being a woman, and there are some unique challenges for introverted women in leadership roles which can hold us back from fulfilling our potential.

In my latest podcast episode, I explore the extraordinary power of introversion with my guest Carol Stewart.

If you want to rock your introverted leadership style or help your introverted teammates shine, you can’t miss this episode.

Carol is like the Yoda of introverted leadership. Together, we explore the power introverted women bring as leaders.

In this episode, we challenge the status quo, debunk myths, and uncover the hidden treasures of introverted leadership.

If you’ve ever felt like your introverted qualities might be holding you back at work, o r perhaps you’ve wondered how to tap into your unique strengths to excel in your career – this episode is for you.

Carol and I dig into the nitty-gritty of introverted communication and decision-making. Join us for this real talk about how introverts can shine in meetings without getting all jittery.

If networking makes you want to hide under the desk, Carol’s got your back. She shares some practical tips to make those connections in a genuine way and won’t make you break out in a cold sweat.

We also talk about something we all deal with, no matter our personality type: self-doubt and confidence. Carol’s got some seriously down-to-earth advice on how to kick those negative thoughts to the curb and own your unique strengths.

Ready to join the introverted leadership revolution? Pop in those earbuds and listen to this episode.

It’s time to tap into your quiet superpowers.

Links in this episode:

Carol Stewart LinkedIn

Carol Stewart Website

UNLEASH Your Leadership Potential for Introverted Women – a self study course


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