Episode 119: How to Negotiate in the Boardroom and Around the Kitchen Table to Thrive as a Working Mum


Have you ever wished you could confidently ask for what you’re truly worth?

Maybe that pay rise?
Maybe that promotion?
Maybe for your partner to take a more equitable part in the domestic load?

In my latest podcast episode, we’re diving deep into the art of negotiation and how it can make a world of difference in your life as a working mum. And I’ve got the fabulous Wies Bratby – Founder of Women In Negotiation – as my guest.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we cover in this episode:

Unleashing Your Self-Worth: Ever wondered how to truly value your skills and expertise? Wies spills the beans and shows you how to confidently ask for what you deserve.

Negotiation Myths? Busted: Think negotiation harms relationships? Think again! We’ll show you how negotiation can actually be your secret weapon for career and personal growth.

Empowerment in the Workplace: Discover how mastering negotiation can champion pay equity and create a more inclusive work environment for everyone.

Balance is Achievable: Balancing work and family can feel like walking a tightrope. Wies, a working mum herself, is going to share practical strategies to help you thrive in your career while cherishing your loved ones.

We genuinely believe that negotiation skills are essential for every working mum. It’s not just about getting that raise (although that’s awesome too), but also about grabbing those career opportunities, conquering those challenging projects, and creating a sustainable work-life harmony.

Negotiation is your ticket to empowerment and growth so come join me and Wies for this brilliant conversation.

Links in this episode:

Women In Negotiation Website

Wies Bratby Linktree, (Podcast, Blogs, TEDx and more!)


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