Episode 25: Flexible Working for Working Mums


Going back to work after having a baby can be tough.  For many women going back to work full time is financially, emotionally, logistically and sometimes physically impossible.   So many women end up leaving their jobs and even their careers because they can’t find a way to combine their work and motherhood in a sustainable way.

The answer for many women is flexible working.  And while the idea might seem like the solution to the working mum juggle, actually asking for and getting your flexible working request approved is a whole different story.

So what can we do if we think flexible working might work for us, our families and our careers? In this episode I interview flexible working expert Anna Ives from HR Puzzle.  Anna is one of the UK’s leading experts on flexible working.

In this episode Anna shares:

  • Her own personal experience of the challenges of flexible working that inspired her to specialise in helping others [3:49]
  • The definition of flexible working and the different practices that actually fall under this term [8:19]
  • What the legal entitlement is for flexible working and the process for applying for it [10:02]
  • The first step in exploring flexible working [18:36]
  • How to approach a conversation with your line manager [19:56]
  • Her top tips to make a flexible working request [21:37]

Don’t forget to download the free Flexible Working Top Tips worksheet!


Links in this episode:

HR Puzzle

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Government Flexible working

ACAS Flexible working

Links for more information on Anna:

* Instagram:  @hr.puzzle

* LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/hrpuzzle

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnnaHRPuzzle

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Don’t forget to download the free Flexible Working Top Tips worksheet!



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