Episode 26: Effortless Meditation for Busy Working Mums


If you’re a mum that feels like you’ve got too much going on.  That you’re constantly thinking, worrying, planning and doing.  If your mind feels like your browser that’s got 101 tabs open.  If you feel like you’re spinning too many plates and your mind could explode with all things running through it…….then this episode is for you.

Today we’re talking about meditation……but before you might think:

  • “that meditation stuff is great for people who have time”


  • “I love the idea of meditation but I’m a busy working mum – how the hell is that possible in my life!!?”


  • “that meditation stuff sounds weird and is for people who live up mountains in tibet”

Let me share with you a secret – I used to think all those things too before I met today’s guest.

Jo Royle is a meditation teacher and coach and she’s been teaching people the art of effortless meditation across the UK for the past 7 years

She’s my meditation teacher and when I discovered Jo and her work it’s not an exaggeration to say it changed my life.  I’ll share more on this story during this episode.

In this episode Jo shares:

  • How finding meditation helped make her life feel more in flow; despite being pregnant with her second child, having a three year old and being a working mum! [9:24]
  • How meditation helped her thrive through redundancy and create a new path in life [13:03]
  • How she fitted her meditation practice into her life with young children and living in unusual circumstances [18:48]
  • What meditation is [21:20]
  • The brain science behind meditation that helps make it so powerful [26:15]
  • The benefits of meditation [30:35]
  • Why people tend to resist doing meditation [30:35]
  • How to get started with a regular meditation practice [37:18]
  • An easy meditation exercise (if you’re driving you’ll need to listen to this bit another time) [37:45]
  • How adopting a meditation practice is doable and effortless as a working mum [46:35]

Links in this episode:

Effortless meditation free videos

Motivated to Meditation Facebook Group: – Jo runs a Motivated to Meditate Club for people she’s taught to meditate… to get into and stick to a regular practice.  She encourages people through daily Facebook posts and 8 online group meditations each month. So if you’re a Busy Working Mum feeling like meditation could help you but concerned you may learn and never do anything with it… this offer is for you!  If you learn with Jo she’ll give 2 months free membership to the Motivated to Meditate Club!  Just email Jo for more info and quote ‘Wisdom For Working Mums’ to get the offer.

Links for more information on Jo:

Contact Jo:  email: jo@joroyle.co.uk

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