Episode 27: Healthy Habits for Busy Working Mums


Most of us working mums know that to thrive in our busy lives we need to focus on our health and wellbeing.  But trying to live a healthy life can leave us feeling stressed; we’re already struggling for time and energy so how can we integrate healthy eating, exercise and self-care in our already hectic lives?

If you feel like this, then today’s guest has the answers for us.  In this episode I’m joined by Laura Butler who is a health coach and lifestyle intervention consultant.  She helps ambitious busy women overcome overwhelm, burnout and crisis.  Helping them to restore balance and confidence in their bodies, health and lives.

Laura is a busy working mum too, so is in the trenches with us juggling a successful and demanding career with motherhood.

In this episode not only does Laura share her wisdom on what it takes to feel healthy, vibrant and energetic, but she also shares health habits that are easy, fun and sustainable.

In this episode Laura shares:

  • How she supports overwhelmed mums who’ve ended up being at the bottom of the pile to feel fitter, healthier and more vibrant [3:30]
  • How becoming a mum forced her to reevaluate her own health and wellbeing [6:30]
  • The key to health and wellbeing is habit change as most of us know what to do but finding the way to actually make it happen can be difficult [7:30]
  • How she defines health and wellbeing [9:14]
  • That it’s not about creating a diet plan but helping women discover the best diet for their unique body [11:30]
  • How busy working mums can make the space and time to create powerful lifestyle choices and habits to support their health and wellbeing [13:58]
  • Her motivation (and I share mine too) for making health a priority [17:20]
  • A powerful and simple tip to help us have more respect for our bodies [19:20]
  • Her first step for anyone wanting to regain their health and wellbeing [20:25]
  • How to create the time to make home cooked food as a busy working mum [21:10]
  • The power of habit stacking and an easy top tip to start the day [27:10]
  • The world’s greatest secret on healthy eating [29:00]
  • Why self care is so vital without feeling guilty for it [33:10]
  • That even if we have a really busy life there’s always small changes that can make a big impact to our health and wellbeing [38:10]

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Don’t forget to download the 7 Secrets on How to Eat for Weight Loss and Energy freebie!



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