Episode 30: The Feminine Principle - Reconnecting with our Female Energy and Power


It’s no secret that the way we’ve battled to keep up with the men, in what is still essentially a man’s world, has taken its toll on us as women. We’ve been trying so hard to make it work – but it’s left us stressed, overwhelmed and nearing burnout.

You’ve probably heard me say many times now that I genuinely believe that women are going to help solve the answer to many of our world’s problems.  But unfortunately many of us are burning out trying to do that, because too many of us are trying to make our way in this world from a male paradigm.  I know I was.  And it wasn’t until I became a mother – being in the ultimate feminine space –  that I was forced to come to terms with my own paradigm.

Today’s guest is Susie Heath who is an expert in helping women to fully embrace their feminine strengths.  She helps women to learn to step in and reclaim their feminine energy. Helping them to feel happier, more fulfilled, more energised and more connected with their feminine strength and potency.

It’s kind of timely that we’re launching this new episode around Valentine’s Day as I have no doubt that what Susie shares can have an impact on your love life.  Just not in the way that you might think.  Susie’s all about learning to love yourself – truly, madly, deeply and divinely.  Which, if you’re anything like I was, might get you rolling your eyes as the thought of self-love was something I found annoying. But when you hear what Susie has to say you might just change your mind.

In this episode Susie shares:

  • How her experience of burnout led her to discover how to tap into her feminine energy [5:30]
  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy [8:10]
  • The impact for women not being fully connected to their feminine energy [12:15]
  • How our body is our life force and holds our power and wisdom [19:58]
  • The well known person who embodies the feminine principle [28:45]
  • That loving ourselves, in a world that subtly and constantly encourages women to be self-critical, is a daily practice [30:50]
  • A simple exercise that we can do everyday to actively love ourselves
  • The five feminine addiction traps [32:08]
  • The simple practice to connect with our innate feminine energy [39:40]
  • Her interesting piece of advice to connect with our sensuality and sexuality [57:03]

Susie is the author of two powerful books, ‘The essence of womanhood: Re-awakening the authentic feminine’ and ‘Dance your way to the top: Feminine Leadership without burning out’.  

Links in this episode:

Susie’s website including the Little Gems pocket book taken from The Essence of Womanhood

Susie’s Facebook page


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