Episode 36: Safeguarding Your Sanity


In this episode I share the 6 steps to safeguard your sanity as a working mum during COVID-19……and beyond!

In this episode I share:

  • Why our resilience might be feeling tested at the moment and the impact on our nervous system [5:48]
  • The two things I’ve been focussing on for my resilience and sanity during COVID-19 [9:22]
  • How important boundaries are if you’re an overfunctioner [10:45]
  • Why creating a ‘non-guilt agreement’ is really useful to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by dysfunctional mother’s guilt [12:56]
  • How I’ve been embracing doing less to actually achieve more and the surprising impact it’s had on my business [16:12]

Links in this episode:

Stay Sane This Summer online course: https://wisdomforworkingmums.mykajabi.com/stay-sane-summer-course


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