Episode 39: Motherhood, Work & Wellbeing


In this episode I’m exploring the impact becoming a mother has on our careers with Sara Campin. How do we continue to fulfil our career ambitions and maintain our professional identity after having our children without burning out?

Sara’s story is fascinating and during this episode she shares how her high-stress corporate career changed after becoming a mum. Her experience of where her career and motherhood collided and the impact this had on her. And how she eventually set up an amazing app called the Nourish app that helps mothers to find compassion, connection and calm.

In this episode Sara shares:

  •  how she felt a huge pressure to go back to work quickly after her first born
  • how she struggled with the first 6 to 12 months of motherhood with anxiety, sleep deprivation and the pressure of her corporate career
  • how she struggled to get the balance between her work and motherhood
  • really honestly how she didn’t enjoy motherhood at this stage of her life
  • how she reached out for support after experiencing stress and anxiety after her second child and was diagnosed with postnatal anxiety
  • after experiencing burnout she went on a mission to discover greater joy and balance and how that led her to practice self-care
  • how the lack of easily accessible and practical resources for new mums led her to create the Nourish App

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