Episode 52: Five Simple Steps To Double Your Energy As A Working Mum


Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning?  Do you find yourself more tired than not these days?

Or ever find yourself getting frustrated with your body because it’s not as strong or resilient as it used to be?

You’re not alone, over three quarters of women say that they’re tired all the time.

That was my experience when I became a mum for the first time 8 years ago.

About 9 months into my mothering journey I felt like my energy was depleted.  Within 12 months my energy was at a dangerously low level but I couldn’t work out why.

I became really frustrated with my body – berating it for not giving me the energy I needed when I needed it most.

I was actually in adrenal fatigue at the time but didn’t know it, and I didn’t understand how I’d got there or what to do to recover my energy.

What that experience taught me was that energy was in fact the most important thing in life.  Because without it we can’t love those that matter most or live our life in the way that we want to.  I’ve come to believe that energy is our most precious resource.

So that’s why I’m excited to be talking to today’s guest – Alice Godfrey.  Alice is a registered nutritionist and thyroid expert. She helps women get to the bottom of their brain fog, weight gain, low mood and lack of energy.  In this episode Alice shares five simple steps to double your energy.  Which I think we all need in our life especially after the last 12 months!

In this episode Alice shares:

  • her personal health journey that ignited her passion for the work she now does
  • what energy actually is and how your body makes and sustains its energy
  • simple and easily accessible strategies for building and maintaining your energy

Links in this episode:

Alice’s website

Alice’s Facebook Group – Get More Energy

Alice on Instagram

Alice’s free ebook – The Truth About Thyroid Testing

Postnatal Depletion Cure 

Calm App

Headspace App

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