Episode 58: Using Your Strengths To Be At Your Best More Of The Time


Here at Wisdom For Working Mums I’m all about helping you create the freedom to flourish in your life.  To have the impact you want with more ease and my enjoyment. 

But all too often we spend too much time worrying about and working on our weaknesses.  When we do that we overlook our strengths and successes.  That’s a missed opportunity for us, as the research absolutely shows us that people who use their strengths flourish in their lives.

And today’s guests are ALL about that.

I’m joined in this episode by Michele Deeks and Martin Galpin who are both Chartered Psychologist specialising in the application of positive psychology to improve workplace wellbeing and engagement.  They’re co-founders of At My Best – helping individuals, teams and organisations be more aware of their strengths so they can be at their best more of the time.

Not only that but Martin and Michele have created one of the most lovely and meaningful gifts I’ve ever come across – honestly you should take a look.  Woohooyoo, which is a personalised gift like no other. A beautiful book that’s full of love and appreciation, with personal messages from all the people who know the recipient best.

Not only is it a beautiful gift but Woohooyoo is based on the psychology of gratitude and appreciation. So it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  And I’m over the moon that Woohooyoo is the sponsor of this podcast.  So you’ll hear more talk more about it in future episodes.

Join us as we discuss the value of understanding our strengths, how to become more aware of them and put them to use in our lives to experience more impact, wellbeing and to ultimately to create the freedom to flourish.

In this episode Michele and Martin share:

  • What positive psychology is and why it’s so powerful
  • The difference between positive psychology and toxic positivity
  • What strengths are and the incredible benefits of a strengths based approach
  • Some simple but useful strategies to understand your strengths and put them to use in your life to have more impact

Links in this episode:

At My Best website

Free strengths self-reflection tool

WooHooYoo gift book

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