Episode 60: How to Find Your Style and Feel Great In Your Clothes


It’s easy to lose your style mojo when you become a mum.  Trying to make your wardrobe work for the different roles in life can be challenging.

In this episode I speak with Helen Reynolds founder of image consultancy Helen Reynolds Style.   Helen works with professional women who recognise the importance of being well presented and up-to-date but struggle to get it quite right.  Helen’s ethos is that when you feel good about yourself it’s easier to step up in life and in business. 

This episode is jam packed with so many practical tips and insights on how to look and feel more confident in your outfits.

This episode is for you if:

  • you’re fed of your wardrobe being another stressful thing in your life
  • you want to reclaim your time and energy in the morning 
  • want to find your style and feel great in your clothes no matter what the occasion 

Links in this episode:

Helen Reynolds Style

Style Tips Video Series

The Style Place Facebook group

September 2021 – Helen is running this fabulous free challenge. Her mission is to help women to feel super-fabulous in the outfits they put together, so that wherever they are going and whatever they are doing, they feel really well put together and confident.

Through this 5 day challenge, Helen can get you looking at your wardrobe in a totally new way and you’ll end up with fewer clothes yet more to wear!

Take a look here, it sounds like a super- fun way to inject some energy and enthusiasm into the way you dress, without having to buy anything new!

If you’ve been feeling a bit flat about your style post-lockdown and are craving some new inspiration and ideas, get yourself registered. It’s totally free and I just know it’ll be fabulous.


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