Episode 68 Losing Your S*** With The Kids? Tips For Creating Calm and Connection



Parenting can undoubtably be one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences…..when things are going well.  But when things aren’t going to so well it can be one of the most challenging, isolating and guilt ridden experiences.  

This is the time when we need more resources but feel under resourced.  It can often be a really triggering time bringing out the less than helpful aspects of ourselves.  We’ve all been there – even if we’re ashamed to admit it.  

We all want to have loving, calm and happy relationships with our children but what do we do when we get off track with this?

How do we handle the everyday stuff like the morning rush, sibling squabbles or challenging behaviour – both powerfully and lovingly?  How do we stop these everyday challenges becoming even bigger and long term?

Today’s guest is here to help.  

Oona Alexander is one of the UK’s most highly regarded parenting experts, much loved by parents for her unique, radically loving approach to creating happier families. Oona works with exasperated parents, for whom a happy family is a top priority, helping them radically love their children to happiness and naturally great behaviour.

She does this through her group course, The Happy Family Programme, her Happy Hearth membership as well as working with a limited number of private 1:1 clients each year.

As a speaker, mentor, coach and teacher, her mission is to create a kinder world in which every parent and every child feels good about who they are, and every family is a happy family.

Even if your home is calm, happy and loving household most of the time – I know you’re going to gain so much from listening to this conversation.  Bona share her top tips for creating calm and connection with our children. 

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