Episode 79: How To Find The Freedom To Flourish As A Working Mum


Do you get caught in the working mum dilemma.

We’re told that we can have it all.

But if we try and do it all we feel overwhelmed

Then feel guilty that we’re somehow failing

It becomes a vicious cycle where we try harder and beat ourselves up. And it takes us further away from the ability to flourish.

In this latest episode I’m sharing How To Find The Freedom To Flourish As A Working Mum.

In this episode, I share my 5 step approach to finding the freedom to flourish and I have a special gift just for you that will help you implement what I’m sharing.

Click the link HERE to get your Freedom To Flourish *free* five day guide.

It’s my open arm invitation to welcome yourself back to what will truly help you to flourish as a mother

Each day for five days you’ll receive a bite-sized email with a quick and actionable tip. The Freedom To Flourish Support Kit includes:

1) The Power Of Your Personal Values
Discover your personal values to give you a strong sense of your internal compass in life

2) Awaken Your Needs
Identify your needs to help you feel energised, powerful and centred, so you can have more impact in your life

3) Become A Boundary Boss
How to set gracious and powerful boundaries in your life to protect your time, energy and health.

4) The Power Of You
Uncover your personal style and innate strengths: Helping you to navigate the demands of your life with more ease!

5) Align Your Life:
Assess and align your life to take focussed action to shift you in the direction of flourishing. Identifying the micro habits and rituals that shift you in the right direction

By the end of the five days you’ll:
* feel more clear on what’s important and what your priorities are
* understand the things you need in place to feel empowered
* make tweaks in your life that help you to flourish and thrive

You’ll get 5 days of bitesize, actionable tasks to give you the freedom to flourish as a working mum.

Links in this episode:
* Dr Valerie Rein 
* Glennon Doyle – Untamed
* Episode 75 – Discovering Your Mothering Style – How To Find Freedom To Be Yourself In Motherhood 

Nicky x

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