Episode 80: From Moving For Medals To Moving For The Mind - Interview with Michelle Griffith Robinson OLY


Have you heard the saying that in life there are two kinds of people – either radiators or drains?

Radiators are those people that radiate energy, warmth and enthusiasm.

Drains are those people that drain positivity, energy and motivation.

Well, my guest in this week’s podcast is just the warmest radiator I think you’ll ever meet – listening to her fills me up with energy and enthusiasm for life.

Olympian Michelle Griffith Robinson has proven that no obstacle is too big to overcome and no setback is too hard to come back from throughout her life. She represented Great Britain for two decades as a Triple Jumper.

Now, retired from elite sport, and a mother to three children, Michelle has a new perspective about her body, her physical strength, and the messages she wants to spread.

She’s sharing how she’s shifted from moving for medals to moving for her mind and how it’s helped her navigate the challenges in her life.

Michelle helps others impact their lives for the better and she’s here to share her wisdom and inspiration with us as working mothers!

If you’re in need of an energy or motivation boost then you have to listen to Michelle – her enthusiasm is contagious and you’re going to want to catch some of it.

I know I want to catch it and bottle it and, my guess is, you will too.

Links in this episode:

Michelle on Instagram – @michellegriffithrobinson / @fitfamilyrobinsons

Michelle’s website  

Michelle on LinkedIn 

Dr Louise Newson 

Nicky x

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