Are you an accidental manager?


If you’re a results-orientated and high-performing employee, you might suddenly be promoted into a managerial role without the appropriate support.  You can find yourself becoming an accidental manager.

We might find ourselves in a managerial role unexpectedly.  Maybe due to a promotion, organisational change or simply being in the right place at the right time.  But becoming a manager without the proper training and preparation can be overwhelming.

When you’re an accidental manager, it can create an experience that is fueled by anxiety and imposter syndrome. Not only impacting team productivity and engagement levels but also wellbeing (and you know I’m all about wellbeing).

Maybe it ramps up your perfectionism.

Maybe you start to micromanage.

If you’re an accidental manager – someone who hasn’t been given the support, training or guidance to fully occupy your role as manager with competence and confidence – it’s easy to fall into being an accidental diminisher.

Accidental diminishers  are well-intentioned but can subtlety, and usually, completely unintentionally, shut down the competency and motivation of others and reduce their abilities. 

My friend and colleague Laura Ashely-Timms has recently written an article in the Harvard Business Review on the three things you can do if you’re an accidental manager.

If you’ve not yet listened to my podcast episode with Laura – you might want to learn about how her insights could save you a day week in time! 


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