Emotional Intelligence for Working Mums


Our emotions play such a huge part in motherhood; whether it be feeling overwhelmed, mother’s guilt or feeling like we’re not doing a good enough job. Through to the joy and love that come with the privilege of having children.  How we manage our emotions can make the difference in how much we are able to thrive as a working mum.

In this episode psychologist, Emotional Intelligence expert and working mother Sarah Speers shares her experience and expertise on Emotional Intelligence for working mums.

We discuss the common challenges for working mums and her own experience of returning to work after having her children.   Sarah shares proven strategies and tools that can help us thrive.

In this episode Sarah shares :

  • Her path into becoming an Emotional Intelligence expert [4:26]
  • Her role in helping organisations and leaders develop their Emotional Intelligence [5:45]
  • A simple and powerful definition of Emotional Intelligence [8:10]
  • How Emotional Intelligence underpins motherhood [9:50]
  • The common Emotional Intelligence challenges for mothers [10:25]
  • How many of the struggles with our emotions become heightened after becoming a mum [10:40]
  • Her own journey of becoming a mum and the challenges she faced when returning to work [12:00]
  • How she found herself in the all too familiar trap of feeling like she wasn’t doing her work or motherhood well [12:30]
  • How not asking for help and feeling like she’d got to be perfect impacted her resilience, flexibility, her authenticity and work life balance [12:43]
  • How a phone call from her husband was the catalyst to help her make some positive changes in her life [15:10]
  • How a simple ritual helped her to make those changes [17:17]
  • Explains the biggest thing that can help us manage our Emotional Intelligence [18:30]
  • How spending a few minutes a day doing this one thing can make a huge difference to our Emotional Intelligence
  • The main emotion that we can experience as working mums [25:28]
  • Her insights into her life as a busy working mum and how she’s found balance that works for her, her family and her career [27:28]
  • Important advice if we lose emotional control with our children [29:43]
  • What we can do when our children have emotional meltdowns and how we can role model when we lose our emotional control [31:30]
  • How we can find out more information on Emotional Intelligence and JCA Global [34:45]

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