Empow-Her® Experience

In case you missed it, I launched the Empow-Her® Experience last week.

This has literally been a DECADE in the making.

Empow-Her® is the only wellbeing programme designed specifically for career-driven women that provides a full and unique picture of what’s sustaining or detracting from your wellbeing and identifies key focus areas to create a practical and individualised action plan to thrive in your life and work.

If you’ve been hanging out in my community for a while waiting for the right time to find a way to thrive as a working mum – then now is the time.

There are only 12 places available on the Empow-Her® Experience so I ONLY recommend you consider joining it if you’re a good fit.

Empow-Her® is for you if 

  • You want a full life where you can succeed in your career, have time for the people and things you love *and* show up for yourself.  
  • You’re a professional woman with drive and ambition in your career, but you also want a fulfilling and healthy personal life.
  • You’re aware that your wellbeing isn’t optimal, and you want to take practical, realistic and positive steps to address it.
  • You want to understand exactly what it takes to perform and stay at your best at work and in your personal life.

If you found yourself nodding your head to those then I’d love to personally invite you to check out more details here.

Empow-Her® Experience

I’m excited to share Empow-Her® with you because I know it will make a huge difference to you and to those that matter most to you.  Giving you the insights, tools and strategies to create wellbeing in your life and also to inspire others around you too.

If you want wellbeing to be part of your and your family’s future, I’m here ready to support you with your wellbeing journey and can’t wait to get started.

Contrary to popular belief, wellbeing isn’t just about self-care and good sleep.

Your wellbeing is highly individualised and influenced by a complex combination of your circumstances.

Done right — it can be life-changing.

But you need to get a complete view of the complex factors that affect your wellbeing.

And that’s just what the Empow-Her® Experience does.

Not only that – it gives you clear and tangible key focus areas to create a practical action plan to thrive in your life and work.  And the support to implement your plan with confidence and ease.

I couldn’t be more excited to lead you step-by-step in building and sustaining your wellbeing.  Giving you total confidence in what it takes for you to be at your best personally and professionally.

Hope to see you inside the Empow-Her® Experience.

Nicky x

P.S You have until Tuesday 14th February to join the Empow-Her® Experience and get access to all the amazing bonuses.

Here’s to us being the leaders in our family that we’re meant to be.


We’re genuine, like-minded women, just like you!

We’re a community, reinventing how we combine work and motherhood without sacrificing our sanity and wellbeing.



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