Episode 2: Felicity Wingrove – Having it all, without doing it all


In this episode I interview Felicity Wingrove, Founder and Managing Director of kick-arse PR company Zen Communications.  She shares her honest insights into what it takes to run a thriving business whilst raising a happy and healthy toddler, nurturing a great relationship with her partner & about to give birth to baby number 2!  And it doesn’t involve pretending to be superwoman!

In this episode:

  • The humbling journey of becoming a mother and how it has changed Fliss from being superwoman with unrealistic standards, to being more gentle with herself [10.30]
  • The honest story of expressing her breast milk on a train journey back from London after a client meeting [13.00]
  • The importance of building a village to bring up her son [15.30]
  • Her Sunday night ritual that supports her and her family to thrive across the working week [16.08]
  • How her corporate experience of building high performing teams has helped her to build her village for practical, emotional and spiritual support [19.50]
  • How the relationship with her partner Alan has evolved since becoming parents and how they have created an empowering partnership to co-parent [21.40]
  • Fliss’s experience of mother’s guilt and what she’s learnt about how to manage it [33.26]
  • What she has learnt from her second pregnancy [39.24]
  • Her message for working mums, no matter where they are on their mothering journey [47.00]

Links from this episode:

Zen Communications website:  https://www.zen-communications.co.uk/

Felicity’s LinkedIn profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/felicitywingrove/

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