Episode 4: Maternal mental health


In this week’s episode I interview Lisa Webb who is a Public Health Nurse.  She works with families to give pre-school-age children the best possible start in life.   I share the profound impact that Lisa had on my own maternal mental health.  

Lisa is a a former nursery teacher and a trained counsellor and therapist.  She was awarded the George Medal by the Queen for an unbelievable act of bravery when a machete wielding man attacked the primary school where she was a nursery teacher.  She protected the children in her care but suffered life changing injuries. In this interview she shares how this event has impacted her life and how she has used it for a positive force in her life.

Now as a Public Health Nurse she is passionate about helping mothers thrive and speaks really honestly and openly about maternal mental health.

In this episode:

  • The shocking incident that has defined Lisa’s life [5.40]
  • How becoming the nation’s heroine has impacted Lisa’s life and how she coped with the world’s media [8.45]
  • How a horrific 8 minutes change her life but how Lisa’s turned it into something positive [11.40]
  • Lisa’s journey into becoming a Public Health Nurse working with families on health, growth, development and mental health.  Supporting mothers and fathers shape the future generation maternal health [14.50]
  • The conversation that Lisa and I had which was profound for me as a new mum [16.00]
  • The most difficult thing first time mums often struggle with [18.00]
  • My crisis moment as a new mum and how Lisa saved my maternal mental health [19.50]
  • What you’re doing as a mum when it feels like you’re doing nothing [20.10]
  • How asking for help is the most important but often the most difficult thing to do [23.20]
  • The common challenges that can impact our mental health [26.00]
  • The most useful feeding advice I’ve ever heard for new mums [27.50]
  • The life changing realisation to not sacrifice your mental health for what you think you should be doing as a new mum [33.30]
  • How raising children in isolation is impacting women’s mental health [40.00]
  • The things that can make a difference to our mental health [42.15]
  • How we can use our difficult times to find happiness [44.45]

Links from this episode:

Lisa’s charity Believe 2 Achieve: http://b2a.org.uk/home/4593301382


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