Episode 6: Supporting our children’s emotional wellbeing


Ask any parent and the thing that we often want most for our children is for them to be happy and healthy.  But most of us will, at some point in our child’s life, have to help them navigate feelings of lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, problems in friendship groups and worrying.

That’s our job as parents but when we are faced with helping our children with these issues there is very little support to do it effectively.  This can leave us feeling helpless at a time when we need to feel resourced to support our children.

Unfortunately we see statistics in the media that children’s mental health issues are on the rise.  That can further add to our stress and worry as parents.   How do we stop our child becoming one of these sad and honestly shocking statistics.

Today’s guest is quite frankly doing the most incredible and important work.  She supports children to manage their emotions, self esteem and confidence so they can feel happy, free and live a healthier more resilient life.

Libby Steggles-Ginn is known as the emoji-coach.  She is an International Transformational Coach and is also qualified as an NLP Practitioner, Advanced PSYCH-K and Mindfulness Facilitator and teaches Meditation.

Libby has worked with children and young people who has self-harmed, suffered from depression and anxiety and successfully helped them to leave it all behind and move forward to a happy and healthy life, one that they deserve.  She works directly with parents and their children or with schools and teachers to help bring emotional intelligence into the curriculum. 

In this episode:

– How Libby helps children connect to and manage their emotions [3.35]

– Libby describes what emotional intelligence and emotional wellbeing are [6.28]

– The serious issues we are seeing in our society at the moment linked to emotional intelligence [8.00]

– The common challenges that children experience with their emotional intelligence and wellbeing [8.50]

– The common technique that many parents use to help make their children feel better which is actually having a negative impact on their wellbeing [9.30]

– As working parents when time is an issue, what we can do that might feel counterintuitive but can actually give us more time [10.50]

– Being brave enough to be the parent you want to be [13.15]

– What is meant by unconditional parenting and the positive impact it can have [14.05]

– A simple but powerful strategy that can transform how we feel and experience our emotions [16.25]

– How communicating from the same side of the brain as our children can be really useful to improve our relationships and enable us to relate to them [18.50]

– How so many children are getting labelled with unhelpful behaviours when there’s often so much more going on for them [21.55]

– Some great simple strategies to help us interact with our children in a more useful way [24.02]

– A powerful emotional intelligence tool that as parents (and significant adults in their lives) we can use to have a positive impact in their lives.  Helping children express how they feel and helping families talk about their feelings and emotions [26.40]

– How it’s ok to not feel ok and what you can do about it.  How we don’t have to feel positive all the time [28.30]

– The family that Libby worked with that brought a tear to her eye and the impact she had [29.42]

– What Libby believes is really important to reduce the biggest killer of young men in the UK [30.50]

– How her own experience of depression when she was younger has fueled Libby’s passion to help others [32.45]

– The key message we’re trying to give our children that we don’t give ourselves [33.30]

– The amazing free resources that Libby has available to help us support our children with their emotional intelligence and wellbeing [35.00]


Links in this episode:

The Emoji Coach Website

The Emoji Coach Facebook page

Libby’s LinkedIn profile

The Emoji Coach free resources

The Emoji Coach shop where you can purchase the affirmation cards and Emoji Chart book


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