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Motherhood Management Matters® - helping line managers support mothers in the workplace


Right now my heart is beating fast. I can hardly contain my excitement.


Because I’m excited to announce a new service from Wisdom For Working Mums.  

It’s something I’ve been working with my corporate clients on for a while now but I’ve gone all fancy and got a trademark! 

Motherhood Management Matters® provides training and coaching for line managers to support mothers (and working parents) in the workplace.

Support for working mothers in the first five years of their motherhood journey is proven to have a long-term impact on gender diversity at senior leaves and through the talent pipeline. 

Unfortunately, motherhood still triggers false assumptions that women are less competent and less committed to their careers. Motherhood bias can intensify the performance bias that women already face.  

As a result, mothers are often given fewer opportunities in the workplace and held to higher standards than fathers.  Which is frankly unacceptable in today’s world.

Research shows that maternal bias is often the strongest form of gender bias.

This is damaging for working mothers and the organisations where these unconscious biases are being lived out.

Motherhood Management Matters® helps organisations understand and address maternal bias in the workplace. Whilst also helping working mothers to navigate the impact in their careers so they can progress and thrive in the workplace.

Line managers are often the key person that influences the experience of a working parent.

It’s far too common for line managers to feel ill-equipped and ill-prepared to handle maternity leave conversations and the practicalities of managing parents in the workplace.

This can lead to unintended problems and it can significantly impact the employee experience for working mothers, often causing avoidable stress and distress.

That’s where Motherhood Management Matters® helps. 

Addressing the practical and psychological aspects of line managing an employee who is a working mother – throughout the entire journey of being a woman who is trying to manage a career and motherhood.  Including planning and returning from maternity leave.  Not only planning for, and returning from parental leave.  But also beyond this – supporting the ongoing success and development of working parents.

Not only is this the right thing morally and ethically to do but it’s also good for business.

“Companies that invest in employees and their families see 5.5 times more revenue growth thanks to greater innovation, higher talent retention, and increased productivity.”

Great Place To Work – Parents At The Best Workplaces Report – 2020

According to a survey by Bloom in 2001, four in ten first-time mothers stated that their return was a more negative experience than they were expecting.   And those with negative experiences were 63% more likely to leave their company within six months compared with those with positive experiences.

Motherhood Management Matters® is designed to address this exact problem and support working mothers to progress and thrive in the workplace by empowering their line managers with the skills and knowledge to support them.

Get in touch to learn more about Motherhood Management Matters®.


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Motherhood Management Matters®
Motherhood Management Matters®


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