Helping our Children Cope with Bereavement


At some point we will have to deal with the inevitable but heartbreaking consequences of bereavement with our children.  Whether sudden or expected, few life events have a greater impact on families than the death of a loved one.

It could be losing a beloved family pet, a grandparent or even sadly a parent.   Most of us probably feel ill equipped to have conversations with our children about death.  Talking to our children about the death of someone close may be the hardest thing we’ll ever have to do.  Finding a way to do this which supports our children navigate their grief and express it is important.  So in this week’s episode I interview the child bereavement charity Winston’s Wish. We explore some useful insights into how you can navigate this often taboo subject.

In this episode:

  • Who Winston’s Wish are and the important work that they do [4:11]
  • The common challenges most people face when talking about death with their children [6:35]
  • How our natural instinct to protect our children can get in the way of helping them deal with death and their grief [6:50]
  • The one word that Kate encourages parents to use [7:30]
  • The two things that we can do for our children when someone dies [10:15]
  • The top tips for having a conversation about death with your child [10:45]
  • `Important words to use with your child when talking about death [12:30]
  • How to balance the practical aspects of death with any spiritual or religious beliefs you (or others) may have [14:30]
  • Strategies to help children cope with their grief [17:50]
  • How our children learn how to grieve from us [19:40]
  • The one thing that is important for parents to know no matter how long it’s been since a child has lost a loved one [23:20]
  • That navigating the conversation of death with your child can deepen your relationship with them [25:20]
  • That talking about death is an opportunity to teach our children empathy [26:40]
  • Where you can access support and information for a bereaved child [27:05]

Links in this episode:


Helpline number: 08088 020 021

How to donate:


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