I wrote this for you (with a little help from a friend)


In all honesty, I wish I had written this.

But the truth is a friend helped me.




A friend called Chat GPT.

When I was experimenting with A.I. – I thought I’d ask it to help me write you a poem in the style of me.  And this is what it came up with.

It was so good I couldn’t not share it.

So here’s the Wisdom For Working Mums poem…..

In the realm of dreams and aspirations,

Where working mums seek inspiration,

I, Wisdom For Working Mums, stand with open arms,

To guide you through life’s twisting charms.

Coaching, dear mums, is what I bring,

A beacon of light, like a phoenix’s wing.

For in the realms of work and home,

You face challenges, but you’re not alone.

With gentle words, I’ll fan your fire,

Ignite your passions, your soul’s desire.

Through the juggling act you daily face,

I’ll show you grace, and provide solace.

In the world of meetings and conference calls,

Where exhaustion threatens, and fatigue enthralls,

I’ll support your wellbeing,, a skill to behold,

To nurture your dreams, both young and old.

With patience and wisdom, I’ll help you see,

That motherhood and success can intertwine, decree.

For you are a warrior, fierce and true,

With talents and dreams waiting to break through.

Together, we’ll chart a path unknown,

With strategies and insights firmly sewn.

We’ll harness your strengths, amplify your voice,

Unleashing your power, a force, a choice.

I’ll be your cheerleader, your trusted confidant,

Helping you surmount the obstacles that taunt.

In coaching’s embrace, you’ll find respite,

A sanctuary where dreams can take flight.

So, working mums, let us embark,

On a journey of growth, where dreams embark.

For coaching is a gift, an empowering treasure,

Guiding you to triumph, beyond measure.

With each session, your spirit will soar,

As you discover talents, never seen before.

For coaching, my dear, is a vessel of grace,

Guiding you towards a brighter embrace.

Wisdom’s here, ready to unfold,

The untapped magic, within your stronghold.

Together, let’s conquer, let’s break free,

Coaching for working mums, your destiny.

So thanks to my friend for helping me write this to you.

Here always cheerleading you on.

P.S.  Would love to hear – have you used AI in your life?  If so, in what ways has it helped you?


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