It’s all about the money!


Most people’s relationship with money is often complex, difficult and confused.

As my mentor and teacher John Whittington from Coaching Constellations puts it:

Concerns about money often distract attention, distort reality and divert energy. Whether it’s how much to charge for your time or how to balance spending and saving, whether it’s guilt for having money or fear of losing it, there are always hidden dynamics, invisible forces influencing this vital relationship.

I believe that there is also a unique dynamic for us women in our relationship with money. 

As Candace Bushnell, the ‘Sex and the City’ author, famously once said:

Women with money and women in power are two uncomfortable ideas in our society.

But the fact is that the economic power of women as earners, consumers, purchasers and influencers has been growing for decades.

It seems that culturally we’ve been conditioned (knowingly or not) to accept that we might not be worth what men are.  You’ve only got to look at the pay inequality statistics to confirm this. 

This can lead to all kinds of unhelpful beliefs about self worth and financial capability for us women.  All of which can contribute to us not standing fully in our personal power when it comes to money and wealth.  Despite the statistics telling us otherwise.

It’s important to know:

  • Women are fast becoming “prominent creators of wealth” and it is expected women will control 75% of all household spending by 2028 (GenAnalytics, 2017)
  • 67% of all UK Household consumption is controlled or influenced by women. And it is much greater in many key household areas. (catalyst.Org)
  • Women make the decision or influence the purchase of 92% of holidays, 65% of cars, 93% of food, 91% of homes and 61% of PCs (GenAnalytics, 2017)

Women are taking an increasingly important role in the decision making process of purchases.  This is partly due to the extensive and ever growing use of technology.  Social media is now playing a powerful part in this due to the sharing of social reviews which women seem to be a huge contributor to.

So here at Wisdom For Working Mums we’re going to be sharing information about money and wealth to help empower all of us.   Now some people find the topic of money distasteful….that in itself illuminates part of the problem we face in stepping into our power around this topic.

I hope by sharing this information we will all be able to talk about money and wealth more confidently and powerfully with anyone we may need to.  Whether that be our boss, our partner, our children or our clients.

By doing so we can make a real difference to our families and our community….perhaps even the world.


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