Managing Your Energy As A Working Mum


As achievement orientated working mums who care deeply about our family and our work, we are often left feeling overwhelmed.  The volume and complexity of the demand in our lives is leaving us in survival mode.  And it’s completely unsustainable for us and our families.

This week’s podcast episode is a must listen if:

  • the mere task of getting through the day and your never ending to-do-list leaves you feeling exhausted
  • you’re trying to work like you don’t have a family and be with your family like you don’t have work and feeling overwhelmed by it all
  • you have no time to catch your breath and the nearest you get to pampering is the steam of your coffee hitting you in the face

In the latest episode of the Wisdom For Working Mums’ podcast show I interview James Glover who is Client Director for The Energy Project.

In this interview:

  • James explains how The Energy Project is devoted to help people achieve their potential more of the time.  To be happier, healthier, more focussed and more aligned to the things that matter most in their lives [4:30]
  • How The Energy Project is about helping to shape organisations that we would be proud for our children to work for.  As the traditional model for working isn’t working as more people are feeling fatigued, fearful, distracted and overwhelmed [5:15]
  • The third lever of success that most people aren’t aware of and that could transform our lives as working mothers [7:09]
  • How mobilising our inner resources can help us to have capacity for everything in our lives [11:10]
  • How James’s background in High Performance Sport helping athletes perform at their absolute best led him to do the work he does today [12:20]
  • The common challenges for working parents and the impact [17:50]
  • The game change of motherhood;  how the outdated model of self sacrifice creates a compound effect of challenges that’s unsustainable [23:50]
  • The four dimensions that can transform our experience as working parents [25:40]
  • The one thing we can do to ease our life as working mothers [43:45]
  • A simple but effective ritual that can help us to combine our work and motherhood [47:50]
  • That there is a way to transform our lives from being fatigued, anxious, distracted and overwhelmed.  It is simpler than we think and can make a profound difference [52:40]

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