Mother's guilt - The worst kind of guilt, the undeserved guilt


You’re probably feeling lots of emotions at the moment.  If you’re anything like me, the last week has been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions.  

But there’s one emotion that you might be feeling at the moment that’s really not helpful and is the worst kind.

I’ve worked in the field of emotional intelligence for over a decade now and normally I’d tell you to allow all emotions in.  Because denying them, ignoring them or numbing them doesn’t help. However this type of emotion really doesn’t deserve your time. This emotion is mother’s guilt.

If you’re now trying to navigate home schooling with your work commitments there’s a chance that you’re experiencing more mother’s guilt.   

  • Maybe you’re feeling like you’re not giving your child(ren) and their education the attention you think you should  
  • Maybe it’s feeling like you’re going to be judged by your employer, colleagues or clients for not being as focussed as you usually are
  • Maybe it’s comparing your home learning game to other mums and feeling like you’re letting your children down 

Whatever it is, if you’re feeling more mother’s guilt at the moment I want you to know you’re not alone.  I’m just sorry that collectively we might be feeling this way, as it’s the worst kind of guilt, the guilt that’s totally undeserved.  

We’re doing our best and we’re dealing with some tough stuff at the moment.  We don’t’ deserve to feel like we’re somehow failing or falling short.

So if you’re feeling like this I wanted to remind you of a resource I wrote a little while ago – Five Strategies to Free Yourself From Mother’s Guilt.  It’s a free download that gives you five simple but practical strategies to unhook yourself if you’re getting caught up in this emotion.  

I want to remind you that you don’t deserve to feel guilty and you don’t have to tolerate your inner critic if it’s telling you that you do.  Click here to learn what you can do to free yourself from this feeling.

Sending you a huge virtual hug as you’re doing your best, even if you sometimes feel that you aren’t.


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