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Whatever path brought you here to Wisdom For Working Mums, I’m really glad you’ve found us. My mission is to help working mums to take back control of their lives and make the adjustments they need to live with more ease and less guilt. This site is packed full of resources and information for women just like us. It’s designed to help you reinvent and realign all of the key areas of your life so that you can be more …..fulfilled, happy, content, relaxed…without doing more, as frankly, most of us are a breath away from burnout. Doing more just isn’t an option!

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Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find here so you can navigate your way around more easily and we can start to get to know each other. We share advice, information and training in the following areas:

Wisdom for Working Mums Manifesto

Let’s face it. The sad truth is that at the moment most of us are just surviving. Stressed by the morning chaos of getting ourselves and our children out the door. Feeling resentful towards our partners more than we’d care to admit for not sharing the burden of running a house. Losing our temper at bedtime out of sheer tiredness and for fear that there is still so much to do before the day is over. Sometimes the mere task of getting through the day leaves us feeling exhausted.

The so-called ‘double-burden’ of work and motherhood can feel overwhelming. Most of us are having to ‘lean-away’ from our work to survive the huge responsibility of trying to do it all. For some that might mean working part-time or taking a career sabbatical. For some it’s working full-time but not taking on the extra responsibility or authority that we might otherwise have wanted to. This has been necessary for our survival. Too many of us working mums have been a breath away from burnout.

The current way we are approaching our work and life just isn’t working. Enough is enough! I’ve seen working mums constantly sacrifice and push themselves to the point of exhaustion. I’ve been there and decided that this was not the role model I wanted to be for my child….or for anyone else’s.

Isn’t it time we joined together and changed the way we do this. We can create a new way of being and doing in the world that isn’t based on sacrifice and survival. This is about being and contributing more but not about doing more.

We work; we might choose to work or might have to work. Either way we work, and just because we work we don’t have to let our families, our health and our happiness suffer.

We can create a new future. One where our children and our families can flourish if we choose to work. Where we can have happier relationships, better health, increased financial security, and improved life satisfaction. We can have it all but just not the way we’ve been doing it. We need to shift the rules of the game so we can thrive not just survive.

This is the purpose of Wisdom for Working Mums. A place where we can create a new way of working. A place that reinvents how we combine our work and motherhood. That taps into our innate wisdom and our collective wisdom as working mums. A community of genuine like-minded women. A support network that lets you know you are enough and that on your shittiest days they’ve got your back. A place where we can learn from and be inspired by each other. A place where we can encourage each other to be the change that we want to see in the world. A place where we can start to change the rules of the game for everyone’s benefit, starting with us as working mums.

In 2010 the Dalai Lama gave a speech at the Vancouver Peace Summit and stated “The world will be saved by the western woman”

I truly believe this. I truly believe that naturally women have the skills and attributes that the world needs to heal itself; compassion, collaboration and courage. By more women stepping into their true confidence and natural power we can make the difference that our world so desperately needs. By having more women in positions of influence we can affect the change. But we need to be able to participate more fully. More fully in the community, in politics, in the economy and in the world.

I believe that this is the only way we can create a better future and world for our children. But for this to happen, things need to change. Because how can we change the world when the day-to-day balance of work, motherhood and life leaves us feeling exhausted? The way we are approaching our work and lives isn’t serving us and our families let alone the world. We deserve more. Our families deserve more. And the world deserves more.

We need to change. For us to have the impact that the world is crying out for we need to revolutionise the rules of the game.

This isn’t just a pipe dream. This is possible. Our families and the world need you and I to make this possible.

I hope you will join me in creating this new way of being a working mum. One where we can benefit, our family can benefit and the world can benefit. By starting with us, one working mum at a time, we can be the change that we want to see in our home, our workplace, our community, our society and the world.

Here at Wisdom For Working Mums we will be sharing information, training and insights that support working mums like us to thrive. Allowing us to combine our family, work and life in a more successful and sustainable way.

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