Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


Do you ever feel like you’re a fraud?  That you’re about to get found out? Do you live your life looking over your shoulder waiting for someone to discover that you’re not really as good as they think you are.  Do you feel like your accomplishments are just one big fluke?

If so, you probably suffer with imposter syndrome.  And you’re in good company!

Well known people such as Sheryl Sandberg, Serena Williams Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Huffington and Emma Watson have all spoken about their experiences of imposter syndrome.

It’s been estimated that imposter syndrome affects a whopping 70% of us. But it tends to hit women especially hard.  And my latest podcast guest is going to share her incredible experience and expertise with us on this subject.

Dr Becky Quicke is a clinical psychologist who specialises in helping women let go of the anxiety and self doubt that holds them back.  She’s also a working mum.

In this episode Becky shares:

  • Her definition of imposter syndrome and that there are two sides to it [09.48]
  • The impact of the combination of these two sides on our brain chemistry which can lead to a cocktail of toxic stress [10.45]
  • How we are actually meant to have anxious and negative thoughts based on the human evolution of the brain [12:45]
  • That it’s natural to not want to have negative thoughts and feelings but that it’s ironically completely natural and healthy to have them [19:20]
  • That as women we tend to be brilliant problem solvers and try to problem solve our negative thoughts and emotions away [20:02]
  • It’s the struggle with our thoughts and feelings (rather than having them) that causes the most discomfort [20:40]
  • Her viewpoint on whether women experience imposter syndrome more than men [21:00]
  • That women returning from maternity leave or a career break tend to experience it more.  And the impact of motherhood on the intensity of these feelings [22.22]
  • Her advice for when we do experience imposter syndrome [27:55]
  • How developing psychological flexibility enables us to unhook from unhelpful thoughts and feelings [31:10]
  • The seven words to letting go of your anxiety in 1 minute….or less  [32:30]
  • A strategy to let go of imposter syndrome and follow the path of fulfilment [34.47]
  • How unhooking ourselves from our thoughts is such a simple and powerful thing to learn to do [38:50]
  • Role modelling for our children what living in fulfilment looks like [41:10]

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