Perspective of a Working Father


This week’s podcast guest is a long-time advocate of women’s rights, a champion for Diversity and Inclusion in Europe and has a successful job in one of the world’s most well known technology companies (his opinions are his own).  He’s one of the very few men that I’ve met that truly champion women in the workplace.

Brian Ballantyne shares his unique insights as a male voice on what is usually a female dominated topic.  He shares how his childhood experiences have fueled his passion for Diversity and Inclusion.  Brian explains how he’s seen first-hand how women experience discrimination at work.  He shares his perspective as a working father and gives an insight into the work he’s doing to help support working mothers to thrive.

In this Episode Brian shares:

  • His career path to work for one of the world’s biggest technology companies (his views are his own) and becoming a board member for Women in Digital Empowerment [4:40]
  • How he flexed his own career to support his wife’s career [6:20]
  • Why he came to be a champion for Diversity and Inclusion [8:33]
  • How a family tragedy and trauma laid the path for his work today [9:57]
  • Why his mum Trish has been a powerful role model as a working mother of 6 children, winning a sex discrimination case against her employer and challenging the government on disability rights for Brian’s younger brother [11:32]
  • How his school’s rugby coach sparked a sex discrimination situation for him and his family [12:20]
  • That he’s passionate about making workplaces where people feel that they can be themselves [14:25]
  • Why he believes working fathers have it easier than working mothers [19:10]
  • How motherhood tends to create three areas of vulnerability for women [20:50]
  • The strain that parenthood puts on our relationships [22:50]
  • The experiences he’s had working for a world leading orgasanition in helping working parents to thrive [ 27:40]
  • His advice and encouragement for men to help support working mothers [33:40]
  • His wonderful parting message to working mums and their families [39:09]

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