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In this episode I interview Vicky Higgin, Chief Information Officer for a global organisation.  She shares her honest insights into what it takes to have a corporate leadership role which often means she’s working across timezones and having to travel internationally whilst raising two daughters…… and doing a Master’s Degree.


In this episode Vicky shares:

  • How she was able to return to work after her first child with the help of her husband [8.30]
  • The strategies that have helped her combine her work, life and motherhood with an international role and doing a Masters Degree [10.32]
  • How maximising her time is vital [16:07]
  • The time when a meeting with her boss clashed with her daughter’s school play and how she handled it [16.45]
  • When her mother’s guilt gets triggered and how she deals with it [16.45]
  • How knowing her priorities and boundaries are key [19:50]
  • Her experience of working in a male dominated environment [20:15]
  • How she treats each member of her team to ensure she’s supporting their needs as working parents [23:15]
  • Her insights into Science Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing (STEM) and the need to encourage more women into these careers [26:15]
  • How she now sees her role as supporting diversity and inclusion [28:21]
  • Her advice to anyone considering a career or role in STEM that also applies to any woman wanting to thrive in their career [30:17]
  • How working smart and being kind to ourselves is key as working mums [34:40]

Links from this episode:

Vicky’s LinkedIn profile

Vicky’s Twitter account 


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