The Secret to Building Successful Relationships


Every day we are navigating relationships with other people.  Be it our children, our spouse, our work colleagues, customers, friends, family members, neighbours….the list goes on.  Unless these relationships are going well they can be a huge source of stress for us.  How we respond when inevitable conflict arises in our relationships can be vital to us thriving.

This week’s guest is a world class expert on human behaviour, specialising in communication and influencing.  Julie French is co-founder of The Academy of High Achievers.  She shares how we can communicate more effectively so we can get our needs met and dramatically improve the quality of our relationships and interactions.

In this episode Julie shares:

  • How working with the person she lives with is the best test ground for her work in communication and relationships [4:26]
  • How hitting rock bottom led her to do the work she now does [7:46]
  • How she was her very own first client applying the tools she learnt to transform her own life [12:17]
  • A simple but powerful behavioural tool to help understand yourself and others allowing you to connect people in a more meaningful and effective way [14:19]
  • Key relationship challenges and how we often get stuck [16:19]
  • That the key to effective communication is not about avoiding conflict but mastering it! [18:33]
  • The benefit of understanding your own personal behavioural style and finding ways to access your personal power to say what you need to say [25:20]
  • A simple framework to highlight the four key personality styles might experience [26:40]
  • Tips to stop yourself feeling stuck if you find yourself in conflict[34:05]
  • A simple tool from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that can help transform our relationships and connection [41:30]
  • That extreme self-care lies at the heart of healthy relationships [43:15]
  • That boundaries are important for relationships and being able to communicate them effectively [43:50]
  • The powerful metaphor that she uses to help us to be at our best and build more productive relationships [45:08]

Links in this episode:

Academy of High Achievers website

Everything DiSC Personality Profiling tool overview

Patrick Lencioni: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


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