This little girl is me.

This little girl knew her own mind from a young age.  She was kind, loving, conscientious and independent.

This little girl in this photo famously (in our family) put her hand on hip and declared “You don’t know the way of my life!” when she felt like her needs weren’t being listened to.

This little girl knew what she wanted and would speak out confidently about it.

But somewhere along the way this little girl lost that voice.. 

She was told she was ‘difficult’ and ‘demanding’ and ‘bossy’.

And like most young girls she learnt to appease and please.  The more she did this the more she got positive feedback. So it got reinforced that to be liked and get on in life just be ‘a good girl’.

She loved learning and had a furious curiosity. She fell in love with reading and writing.  

When she started to put on ‘puppy fat’ and become ‘chubby’ she lost her confidence. 

She felt so judged by her external appearance she focussed internally.  So she worked really hard at school and excelled.  

This little girl ended up at University and then in a career working in global sales for a technology company.  She found herself on a huge salary at a young age but suffered with imposter syndrome and didn’t feel she deserved it.  So she worked hard and fast to prove to herself and others she deserved it.  She nearly ended up burning out.

So this little girl took a brave leap out of the corporate world and took time to rediscover herself.  She learned what her strengths really were before the world told her who she should be. She reconnected with what makes her happy and what her passion is in life.

Then this little girl retrained as an Executive Coach and set up her own business that has seen her travel the world helping others.  She’s had the privilege of working with thousands of people as a coach.

This little girl never stopped learning and her love of it lives on today.  She now gets to support others to do work they love and live a life that they feel truly happy with.  To reconnect with their strengths, passion, hopes and dreams.  To feel empowered to create a life where they can have success without sacrifice.  

With the love of amazing parents who loved her unconditionally she never lost her self worth, even though it got shaken along the way.

Why am I telling you this? Because 70% of girls feel more confident about their future after hearing from other women role models.

I encourage you to participate in this campaign by Inspiring Girls International because you never know who you’ll help by sharing your story.

If don’t feel comfortable sharing it publicly, start by sharing it with someone you trust. Just the simple action of reflecting on your own story can be incredibly powerful for you…….. let alone millions of girls around the world.

Do drop me an email with your story – I’d love to read it!


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