This Question Made Me Cry


Earlier this year I went to a leadership training event and the speaker asked a question that floored me!

As I sat in my seat with my notepad in front of me reflecting on the question a tear started to roll down my cheek.  A bit surprised, I wiped it away.  But another one came.  And then another one.  Seemed like there was some real power in that question.  So I thought I’d share it with you too.

The question was……

“What are the three things you’re most proud of this year?”

Simple question really – don’t you think? And with most things, there’s power in simplicity.  The speaker at this event got us to share our answers with a partner.  I paired up with a gentleman called John that I’d not met before.  So I brushed my tears aside (instead of listening to the wisdom in them) and started to listen to John’s answer.

John shared a story about one of his close business friends who got diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.   John had made himself a promise that he would take time off from his busy schedule to visit his friend and just sit with him.  Three months from his diagnosis his friend died.  John shared that he was proud that he’d taken the time to just be with his friend before his death.  As you can imagine more tears rolled down my cheek.

The power in this question was that my instant reaction was to say to myself “I can’t think of anything that I’m proud of!”  And then as my mind frantically searched for something amazing “I still can’t think of anything……well…..other than that I’m proud of raising my two children.”  But it felt like I was discounting it, like that’s a given.  Of course as a mum I’m proud of them.  But I wasn’t giving myself the credit.  I wasn’t taking the time to reflect on how proud I should be of myself for the role I’m playing in helping to raise such amazing children.

And my guess is I’m not alone in finding it hard to reflect on what I’m proud of and give myself the credit for it.  Well it’s more than a guess – my experience supporting hundreds of women over the years as an executive coach is that we’re not great at giving ourselves credit at all!

The tears were also about losing myself in motherhood.  The realisation that I’d not taken time at the beginning of 2019 to actually decide what feeling good in my life was actually about.  And I felt sad about that.  Sad that a part of me wanted to take time for me outside of being a mum but I’d not given myself permission to do this.

So if you’d like to start this new year (and new decade) in a powerful way then I encourage you to ask yourself this question.  Not only is it important to reflect on your success but also to take this goodness into the new year. 

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Here’s to 2020 being your best year yet.  The year that you create, acknowledge and celebrate moments that you’re proud of.


We’re genuine, like-minded women, just like you!

We’re a community, reinventing how we combine work and motherhood without sacrificing our sanity and wellbeing.


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