No Work-Life Balance only Difficult Decisions


Do you ever have days where you struggle to decide what’s priority?  When everything is screaming at you for attention and you’re not sure what to do first?  When you’re searching for that elusive work-life balance and can’t quite seem to find it despite how focussed you are and how hard you work?

I was talking to a client yesterday and she was sharing that:

  • Her inbox was in desperate need of her attention
  • But she wanted to spend quality time with her children and be present
  • But she also wanted to feed her family some healthy home cooked food
  • And she needed more sleep
  • But her body also was crying out for some exercise 

And that was just the highlight reel.  The real list of things calling for her attention was far longer than that.  Can you relate?

The result is that we often feel completely pulled apart by the multitude of things that we want or need to do.  All of them often feeling important.  It can leave us spinning in circles or paralysed by conflicting priorities.

At times like these we can think we’re failing somehow by not creating the balance that we want.  Hopefully you already know this, but if not I’ll let you in on the secret……work-life balance is a myth.   There isn’t balance only decisions…..often difficult decisions.  Because we might be able to have it all but not at the same time.  Trying to do it all is a fast-track to burnout.

To get the life blend and integration we want it involves us being tough and tender.  Making tough choices and putting in place firm boundaries.  It requires us being tender with ourselves; self compassion to know that we’re doing our best and most days we’ll often fall short of our overachiever’s desires and expectations.

It requires us being brave and creative.

Brave to do things differently, perhaps saying no to some things that we’ve been saying yes to. 

Being brave to ask for the help we really need.

But also creative in being willing to do things differently. To reimagine how we approach the integration of all the different elements of our lives on our own terms.  

If you’re struggling to work out your priorities and craft your life to support them (without losing your sanity or wellbeing) here are four ways I can help you:

  1. Contact me to arrange a free 30 minute chat – I can get laser focused with you on some quick wins that could make a difference in your life
  2. Make sure you’re subscribed to my podcast show where I share free content – interviews with experts and inspirational working mums plus free tools and strategies that support you to combine your work, motherhood and life in a more successful and sustainable way
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  4. Come join us in the private Facebook Group – The Wisdom For Working Mums’ Village. It’s a place to connect with other like minded working mums.  A place where we can share and support each other to increase our wellbeing and resilience.

We’re in this together and together we can reimagine how we want to combine our work, life motherhood!


We’re genuine, like-minded women, just like you!

We’re a community, reinventing how we combine work and motherhood without sacrificing our sanity and wellbeing.



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