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In times gone by we used to have a community that supported us through our mothering journey. But somehow over time we’ve lost this connection to people who could support, advise and nourish us.

I know on my own mothering journey I started off feeling like I should be strong, independent and look like I was in control. The truth was I wasn’t. And these beliefs isolated me and prevented me from seeking the support that I needed to thrive.

Can you relate to these?

Let me support you in ditching the craziness of being a working mum. I can help you to create a new way of being a working mum. A way where you can feel proud and content. And a way that’s sustainable for you and your family. After all, when you thrive your family, your work and everyone around you thrives.

But who am I to stand here and say I can help? Well I’m a qualified coach and I’ve been coaching for over a decade. I’m accredited by the Association for Professional Executive Coaches & Supervisors (APECS) which is basically the top level body for coaching in the UK, and shows that I’ve been verified to meet their incredibly high standards in coaching, business and psychological training.

By working one-to-one with me we can develop a personalised approach that gives you the tools and strategies to reimagine and reinvent how you combine your work and motherhood.


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I want us to connect in real time. We’ll put our heads and hearts together and come up with a plan of action. We’ll get a chance to connect and see if we’re the right fit to work together.

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